[Who’s Elle & Shayne?]:

a mother, a daughter, a lover, a dreamer, an artist, a photographer, a hopeless-romantic,  a chocolate addict, a wannabe-dancer, a cat-lover, a self appointed ambassador for CBTL’s Ultimate Mocha and best friends for life.!.....oh yeah and an architect by profession.


There’s something magical about collaborations between two people who connect, who you can talk to throughout the day. Bouncing off ideas and going crazy about sweet-nothings…its simply energizing!Elle and Shayne have been working together as professional designers; have always been in love with art + design, fashion and anything pretty.

So one fine day we decided to join forces and form Elle and Shayne - Two different individuals in same space and same craze!Sharing our journey of inspiration, framing the pretty pictures of love, life and everything in between.Because we believe in finding those small things that matter and make life beautiful.Things that tell a story. even if the story only makes sense to you. So please pause for a moment to enjoy our designs today..!


Elein & Shana